Patriot Jeepers Inc.
By-laws of Patriot Jeepers Incorporated

The name of this non-profit organization shall be: Patriot Jeepers Incorporated

The purpose of this organization is to promote the safe use of Jeep® vehicles for off highway travel, Jeep® ownership and camaraderie, for and by its members driving duly registered and insured four-wheel-drive Jeep® vehicles capable of handling rough terrain.

Patriot Jeepers Incorporated shall be operated solely by the Board of Directors (BOD) The BOD includes the President,Vice President,Secretary,and Treasurer, A BOD member's term will be for a duration as voted by a majority of the BOD. A club officer may be appointed by the BOD after a majority vote.

The BOD will direct all aspects of the operation of Patriot Jeepers Incorporated. All proceedings shall be governed by these by-laws. In matters not covered specifically by these by-laws the BOD will be the governing body. The duties of each BOD member will be delegated by mutual agreement of the BOD. It is the duty of the BOD to consider all recommendations and suggestions submitted by the membership for action.

The BOD shall meet quarterly. The BOD will hold a yearly membership meeting for the purpose of advising the membership of future plans, changes and foster friendship and camaraderie within the club and community. Notice of the membership meeting will be posted on the club web page and club news letter.

Amendments to an article of these by-laws will be made by the BOD after a majority vote.

The club is open to 4WD Jeep® vehicles only. The minimum manufacturers specified tire diameter is 32" The maximum is 37". Jeeps that are running 35" tires should run chromemolly shafts (NO 35" tires with a Dana 35).  Metric tire sizes must fall into this 32"-37" range. A metric tire size calculator can be found here. If you are unsure about your Jeep meeting the requirements, please contact:  *36-37" tires are allowed on vehicles that have been appopriately modified and meet BOD approval.* update :As of 7/7/17 min tire 32"- Max tire size will be 37".

Note: meeting the minimum requirements does not  guarantee Patriot BOD approval.

Jeep® vehicle must have recovery tow hooks securely mounted on the front and rear. All non-steel top vehicles must have a roll bar. All Jeep® vehicles must have seat belts for All occupants and be worn when the Jeep® vehicle is operating. The Jeep® vehicle must be legally registered. The Jeep® vehicle must be insured in compliance with Massachusetts General Laws.

All Jeep vehicles must have a first aid kit, an operational CB radio and or FRS, hand held radio ,fully charged fire extinguisher, a tow strap in serviceable

condition with no steel hooks on the ends.

The BOD will publish a list of club sanctioned events also known as "club runs". These sanctioned events are for club members only and their passengers. All drivers must sign a waiver of liability and indemnity before being permitted on a club run. No guest vehicles are allowed unless prior approval of the BOD is obtained.

Membership in this organization shall be open to Jeep® owners, subject to approval of the Board of Directors. Prospective members must make an application to Patriot Jeepers Incorporated on a form approved by the BOD. Perspective members must participate in at least one trail ride prior to the BOD acting on the application. After a perspective member has met the requirements issued by the BOD for membership the BOD will make a decision on acceptance. The BOD will use fair and good judgment and be unbiased in matters of race, color, gender or creed. The BOD will handle all membership issues. By virtue of accepting a membership in Patriot Jeepers Incorporated, the member shall accept these bylaws as well as any change decision or action of the BOD. The membership is encouraged to make operational suggestions to the BOD for consideration. Membership benefits will include a subscription to the club newsletter and participation in club sponsored trail runs, other relative association memberships as decided by the BOD. Additional events sponsored by the club may require an additional fee.

All members of the club are expected to drive their Jeep® vehicles in a safe and courteous manner, respect the rights of property owners and not willfully or wantonly destroy, remove or damage in any way the property of another club member or property owner. Members are required to obey the assigned trip leader in regards to keeping the event safe and moving along. Any unnecessary risk taking will no be tolerated. No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances will be consumed before and /or during a club event.

All members of Patriot Jeepers Incorporated are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. The BOD can remove a member by a majority vote for just cause. Should it be necessary to remove a member from the club for just cause the BOD will inform the offending member in a reasonable amount of time the reasons for his/her removal. A member has the right to appeal this decision in writing within 30 days in writing to the BOD. On appeal the BOD will review its action taking into consideration any new information and make a final decision.

The annual dues for an existing member must be renewed by March 1st of the current year. The current rate will be posted on the "Patriot Jeepers member/renewal application form", Club Web site, and in our E-mail Newsletter.

The BOD, members and officers of the corporation shall not be personally liable for any debt, liability or obligation of the corporation. All persons, corporations or other entities extending credit to, contracting with, or having any claim against, the corporation, may look only to the funds and property of the corporation for the payment of any such contract or claim, or for the payment of any debt, damages, judgment or decree, or of any money that may otherwise become due or payable to them form the corporation.

FRIENDS OF THE CORPORATION The BOD may designate certain persons or groups of persons as sponsors, benefactors, contributors, advisors or friends of the corporation or such other title as they deem appropriate. Such persons shall serve in an honorary capacity and, except as the BOD shall otherwise designate, shall in such capacity have no right to notice of or to vote at any meeting, shall not be considered for purposes of establishing a quorum, and shall have no other rights or responsibilities.

Upon resolution to dissolve the Patriot Jeepers Incorporated the assets of the club shall be distributed in accordance with the Massachusetts laws governing such actions as it is the state the club is headquartered in.

Approved by the Patriot Jeepers Incorporated,(updated :July 2017)
President: Mike Luzzo  (member since 04-

Vice President: Eric Anderson (member since 15 

Secretary/Treasurer: Rich Banfield : (member since 02-

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