Things to check before you come Jeepin' with us

1 Make sure you Jeep is roadworthy. Remove any lights that are below the front bumper. They will brake off! Check to see that your battery is fastened down. It can be a bumpy ride on the trail. You down want anything hanging to low in the back of your Jeep. Check to see if your trailer hitch is to low.

2 You must have tow-hooks on the front and rear of your Jeep before you can come out with us. (See "Required Equipment" For More Mandatory Apparatus) On a CJ,YJ , TJ &JK the hooks bolt up front on top of the bumper. Click Here To See how to mount tow hooks on a Cherokee. Contact us if you have questions as where to mount them on other Jeeps.

3 If you are driving a spring under axle type Jeep (CJ/YJ) check to see if your U bolts are not hanging down to low? If they are cut them as close to the nut as possible. This will allow you not to hang them up on rocks and possible break them off. Check for worn bushings, If worn you will need to replace them.

4 Please CHECK your tires. Were they made for mostly street use? Is there sufficient tread left? Are your valve stems hanging out to far? If they are hanging out to far they may get pulled out on rocks? So Go to your tire dealer and ask for shorter ones. Remember we have a 32" minimum 37" maximum on tire height. Metric tire sizes must fall into this 32*-37" range.  

 Jeeps with 35"+* tires should run chromemolly shafts .The Patriot BOD does not approve of 35"+ tires with a Dana 35.  

37" tires should be on Dana 44 axles or better. Not Dana 30's

 * See bylaws.

A metric tire size calculator can be found here. If you are unsure about your metric tire size meeting the requirements, please contact a board member.

5 You don't want anything sticking out to far! Example tires. Mount your 33" tires on 8 inch rims not 10" rims. Questions about this contact you local Off-road shop.

6 Before you leave your driveway! on a trip with us. Please check all your fluids. Example: Oil, Transmission, Brake....

7 If you are ask to air down in the parking lot. Please do so. Ask your trip leader or fellow Jeeper as to how low to air down. He will also ask you to turn your CB and or FRS radio to a certain channel for the trip.

8 Before you venture far from your driveway check to see that your 4x4 works. Engage/Shift into 4 wheel drive and put the selector in low range. You need to have a working 4x4 to enjoy the day with us, and don