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New England Terrain
"Remember To Always Tread Lightly"

Rock - If you do not already know New England is a rocky region of the country. On most of our trips you will encounter rock obstacles. When this rock surface is dry it reminds us of driving on pavement, BUT when it becomes wet it becomes very slick and traction is greatly reduced. A little more gas pedal may be needed, but so much that you slide out of control. A steep rock face will require more care especially when wet. When going up or down these rock faces minimizing tire spin will keep you in control and prevent skidding sideways.
Sand - New England is a great region for land diversity. Sand can be difficult to drive on because traction is reduced. When driving in sand airing down your tires will provide more flex and a better footprint for flotation. Momentum when driving in sand is a Jeeper's best friend.
Snow - New England's weather is unpredictable and sometimes it snows as early as October and as late as April. Driving in snow on primitive roads is a completely new experience. A little snow can make things slick. 1" to 6" gives you better control on your Jeep and is a good time to go Jeepin'. Never go alone. Our club stays away from tough trails when we have too much snow.
Bridge Crossings -  

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