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Other Items To Consider Bringing When Jeepin' with us.
Hi Lift Jack : A High Lift jack is an inexpensive, but very valuable tool to carry with you. A high lift can aid you in lifting you jeep for a repair, or can be used for self-recovery. For more information visit Hi Lift's Web Site.
Fluids : Major fluids that one should carry are motor oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, gear oil, anti freeze, and windshield washer fluid. Even if you keep all your fluids topped off, you never know when you might have some problem that would require adding more fluids.
Medical Kit : A Medical Kit is an mandatory item to have with you. It is something you can always use at any time, as is a Fire Extinguisher. You just never know when you will need it.

Tools : Tools are important to carry in your jeep because you can fix a problem that occurs on the trail. In your toolbox you should carry wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers and any other specialty tool that might be used to work on your jeep.

Specialty Equipment : Lifts, Winches, Lockers, On Board Air, and tires are a major investment that can improve trail performance. When adding any equipment consider how the upgrade will affect the drivability of your jeep. Whether your jeep is a daily driver or a trail only, there are plenty of aftermarket upgrades that can suit your needs. See our links for aftermarket equipment.

Maps : Topographical Atlases are a good item to have in your jeep. They can be helpful for locating gas stations, restaurants, and other places on interest. Delorme makes a good map book.

For More Information Check Out Seetheusabyjeep.com and Ilovejeeps.com 4x4 101

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