Tri Town Clean Up
For ten years now I have lead the fight to keep this area clean. Helping to remove 7 abandoned vehicles, dozens of appliances (white metal goods), tires and whatever else people dumped there. This time Patriot Jeepers took a more hands on approach by picking up bottles, plastics, and assorted trash from the sides of an old road that crosses a couple of town lines in the wooded area. We have worked with different town selectman over the years and this means updating them on what has been done up there, and what we intend to do next. They are always glad to hear that we plan to clean up the area.

Our group met in a dirt parking lot close to the area we were about to clean up. I handed out trash bags to everyone and split us up into two groups. One group would start at the bottom of the gravel road with Rich K.'s 4WD pickup truck, Roger, and Sandy's Jeeps. I lead the other group with my Jeep CJ7, with Jeep trailer in tow, Brandon and his Cherokee, and Jerome C. and friend. We headed up the other side of the road in another town and started picking up trash. Jerome and his friend picked up bottles and cans on the side of the road, while Brandon and I found our first dumping ground. It stuck out like a sore thumb! Someone had dumped a bunch of trash, mainly " white" used oil containers. We cleaned up the area and continued on.

Driving further on up the road, we found an old ripped blue tarp. After picking up the tarp we found are first batch of used tires. Later we found other things like carpets and old broken wooden chairs. These items were placed into my Jeep trailer. We also found kitchen appliances in many spots along the sides of the road. The new Selectman we are working with tried to get a scrap yard that had worked with us in the past to take the junk appliances A.K.A as white metal goods, but they wanted to charge to much. The same goes for the tires. I did not want to cancel the cleanup, so we had to leave the white metal goods behind. It pains me to leave them up there but my hands were tied at the moment.
The other group was finding old sofas, plastic bottles, wine bottles and an old rusted tub. They also found motor oil containers and antifreeze jugs. Roger was wondering if someone had just done some maintenance on their car and dumped the remains on the side of the road. The other things they found were an old standup hair Salon dryer, a grocery bag of blown off fireworks. My group headed down the rocky road and past a section of road where in 1993 a small group of 4 wheelers and I pulled out an old Blue Dodge. We saw an old town line concrete marker that was dated 1910 and a sign post that was missing it's old wooden sign. We took pictures and moved on.

Both groups met up for lunch at the crossroads and talked about what we had picked up. After lunch we headed out to drop off the trash. We later drove past two spots where vegetation has reclaimed where junk cars once were. This is how we prefer see the woods. A cleanup is planned for the spring 2004 this will include picking up everything that is made out of steel, hopefully including those white metal goods and the rest of the tires. Thanks to everyone who came out to help, the town selectmen, and thanks to Armond D., and Rich and Sandy for helping to take the trash to the dump.

Rich Banfield
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