Over the past few years a dispute over this popular road has developed. The main issue is over one particular "water hole" at the beginning/end of the road (depending on how you travel it), and where the road actually lies.

This is not just an ordinary road, but one that has been around since 1833. The surrounding towns discontinued service on Old Florida Road in 1973, which explains the present condition of the road, leading to it's popularity.

Then (20 Years Ago)

Current State

In the pictures above you can see the previous state of the road (roughly 20 years ago), and the current condition which reflects how the removal of the beaver dam has affected the area.

It is important to help the 4 Wheeling Community keep trails like Old Florida Road open so that many more people will be able to continue to enjoy them. If one road gets shut down there, it will be more likely that other popular roadways will be closed as well.

Old Culverts

That Lay On The Road

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