BCR names Del Albright, BlueRibbon Coalition Ambassador
$50 million in grant money is available to trail recreationists nationwide. The Recreational Trails Program (RTP) provides Federal Highway Administration (gas tax) money to trail users across the nation. Motorized recreationists have yet to take full advantage of this funding. The BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) is changing that. BRC has contracted with Del Albright, BlueRibbon Ambassador, to help motorized recreationists tap into this grant money nationwide. Del is a 40 year veteran of off-pavement recreation who has been active in land use and access for over 20 years.

RTP funds are split three ways; 30% motorized recreation; 30 non-motorized recreations; and 40% multiple-use recreation. Each state controls how the money is spent on the ground. Preliminary results of a nationwide survey of all State Trails Coordinators show that of the near 70% of the $50,000,000 available to motorized users for motorized or multiple use trails, only a small percentage is actually hitting the ground for motorized recreation.

The problem is:
1. Motorized users are not familiar or comfortable with complicated grant applications and RTP forms/procedures;
2. Every state implements the RTP differently, with different due dates, procedures and applications;
3. Motorized users seem less comfortable with working with bureaucracy in general;
4. Sponsors are hard to come by for motorized trails in many areas;
5. Until now there has been no single point of contact to help users understand the process, find a sponsor, and facilitate getting the program implemented.
6. The BlueRibbon Coalition is out to change that!

Del has begun helping clubs and groups across the nation understand and get involved in the RTP. He has simplified the use of the funds into the acronym CAMPER:

C - Construction of new trails;
A - Acquisition of easements or private property;
M - Maintenance of existing trails;
P - Purchase or lease of trail building equipment;
E - Educational programs and outreach;
R - Rehabilitation of existing trails and facilities.

The BlueRibbon Coalition has directed Del to reach out nationwide and get the RTP funds implemented in motorized recreation. After completing a full analysis of his nationwide survey, Del has been making contact with motorized recreationists nationwide to collaborate with them in getting RTP funds put to use in their state. He facilitates meetings, provides advice and assistance, and conducts educational programs to help users understand the process and get involved.

With his nationwide database, he has access to improving the program in many areas. This is resulting in trail users having more and better trails that will remain open and available to them. ATVíers, off-road motorcyclists, snowmobilers, four-wheelers, and dune buggy riders are benefiting from this effort. For 2003, the BlueRibbon Coalition is proud to announce that the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) and the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America (SVIA) have joined on to sponsor Delís RTP work nationwide. MIC and SVIA are committed to helping preserve our forms of recreation. Their generous support of BlueRibbon and Del Albright will make a huge contribution towards access nationwide. To get involved in the RTP program, please contact Del by email at or visit the BlueRibbon Coalition web site at and click on RTP. Call BRC at 1-800-BLUERIB. You can read about the RTP program at:

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