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Jeep Quiz

1) What Does the "CJ" Stand For In CJ7?

2) What Is This Jeep Above?

3) Which Word Is Not Associated With Jeep?

4) What Is This Jeep Above?

5) True/False : Jeep Made A Pick Up Truck

6) What Jeep Vehicle Was Virtually Unchanged In It's Production?

7) What Is This Jeep Above?

8) Which Cartoon Character Supposedly Inspired The Name "Jeep"?

9) This Jeep Also Had The Name Of?

10) What Other Jeep Model Was Based Off The downsized Cherokee Platform?

11) The DJ-5 Is A Postal Jeep. What does the "D" Stand For?

12) An M38 is the military version of which Jeep?

13) What is the obvious visual difference between a CJ3A and a CJ3B?

14) In what year was production of the CJ5 discontinued?

15) Which company did not submit a bid to supply the US Army with 1/4 ton prototype vehicles in 1940?

16) Which company built the original 'Jeep' model MB?

17) Which of the following Jeeps have a split windshield?

18) What is a FC150?

19)What was the first model year for the Jeep ZJ?

20) In what US city was the original Jeep factory located?

21) In the TV show 'Dukes of Hazzard', who owned the white CJ7?

22) Production of the CJ7 ended in 1986 - in what year did production begin?

23) In what year did production of the downsized Jeep Cherokee begin?

24) Which European automobile manufacturer once owned the Jeep brand?

25) Famous "Rubicon Trail" leader and founder of Jeep Jamboree USA?