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Jeep Quiz

1) What years were the Jeep T-18 4 Speed available in a Jeep CJ?

2)What Jeep transfer case had the longest production run?

3)The 87-88 YJ came with what manual transmission?

4) Former President Ronald Reagan Owned what Jeep on his ranch?

5) Elvis Presley owned what rare Jeep?

6) The all New 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokeeís code name is?

7) Where is the gas tank fill on a CJ7?

8) What year was the last Wrangler carbureted?

9) The first square head lighted Jeep was the?

10) What was the first year Jeep TJ to not have a distributor cap?

11) Late model CJ7's and early YJ'S had this material for a valvecover?

12) What is the name of the NEW long TJ?

13) The Jeepster Commando was code named?

14) The Rubicon Jeep TJ has what transfer case?

15) The Jeep Liberty has the following engine?

16) The MC, MD and MDA stand for what Jeeps?

17) What J-10 pickup truck Package does not belong?

18) Kaiser-Jeep was purchased by AMC for?

19)What 1980 Scout 2's Transfer case bolts up to a Jeep T-18?
It has the same pattern as a Dana 20 ?

20) In 1980 what Program show a segment "How easy a CJ5 rolled over"?