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PatriotJeepers,inc Required Equipment
Club Requirements: All Jeep Vehicles must have the following:
  • Tow Points attached Front/Rear Etc.,
  • CB Radio,and or
  • FRS Radio
  • Fire Extinguisher,
  • First Aid Kit,
  • Tow strap,
  • Seatbelts,
  • Roll bar or steel top.
  • Tires 32" min. 37". w/spare tire. Metric tire sizes must fall into this 32"-37" range. A metric tire size calculator can be found here. If you are unsure about your metric tire size meeting the requirements, see
  • our bylaw page.and or  contact us..
  • All Jeep Vehicle's must be registered and Insured.
  • A locker is highly advised!
  • Two lockers even better!

All of the required equipment can be found locally or online. Tow hooks can be purchased at your local Jeep dealer as well as local auto parts store. (Walmart has tow hooks for cheap.)

When selecting a CB consider  a vehicle mounted unit.or you can use a FRS handheld unit. Motorola. 

For CB's Midland and Cobra are well know brands. An external antennae is also important, so when purchasing you need to consider what that antennae will be used for. If you are looking for a high quality antennae Firestik makes a good one, but if you are looking something that gets used once a month then a Radio Shack antennae should do. Stainless Steel antennaes are the best.

A fire extinguisher and a Medical Kit are important items to have in your Jeep. When buying an extinguisher make sure that it is rated for automotive applications. Also mount your new fire extinguisher in a safe an secure location. A medical kit should be well maintained and include the basic supplies for treating things such as minor cuts.

Tow Straps can also be found at your local parts store, but select a strap without metal hooks. A Strap rated for 20,000 pounds should do.Tow hooks are a must!

In the club all Jeep vehicles need to have seat belts, roof support such as a roll bar or steel top. Your Jeep must have a minimum  32" tire and a maximum of a 37" tire. (Update 2015 )
Jeeps with 35"+ tires should run chromemolly shafts.

The Patriot BOD does not approve 35"+ tires with a  Dana 35. (YJ's,TJ's,XJ's)and never add a locker to a Dana 35! Consider a axle swap Dana 44 or Ford 8.8

4 Door JK's are advised to run a min of a 35" tire +* 

and a minumum lift.*

 Metric tire sizes must fall into this 32"-37" range. A metric tire size calculator can be found here. If you are unsure about your metric tire size meeting the requirements see our bylaws* and or , please contact: PatriotJeepers@aol.com. An all terrain/off-road tire is preferred over a street tire. A spare tire of the same size is required due to problems that can occur on the run.

Although not required a set of skid plates, particularly for your oil pan are highly reccomend for additional protection. *We also reccommend  a minumum of 2 inches + of lift for all Jeeps provided by either a body or suspension lift kit  to help clear obstacles on the trail. Axle Locker(S) are highly advised! but not in a Dana 35!

All other aftermarket equipment is not required. If you are interested in buying more equipment visit our Links or our Intro To Jeepin' page to view companies that sell these products.

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