Trip Report: Tom's Trail
Our day started off as a wet and rainy one On April 12. 10 Jeeps met at the parking lot. Our Trip leader for the day was Tom Breault; hence the trails name Tom's Trail. After a brief drivers meeting we were off, Tom lead the way in his Red CJ 7. As we started in we hit our first obstacle a washed out section of road. A few drivers had to give it more than one try to get up the hill. We were now all moving along when we came to a water hole. There was a burned our car in the middle of the water. We decided we should pull the car out of the water and make plans to come back to remove it at a later time, perhaps June 7? See the web site for cleanups we have done in the past. Later the sun came out to make it a great Jeep run! (See the Web site for pictures and read Paul’s story for more on this Jeep run)

Rich Banfield

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