Trip Report: Juju and Woodpecker Mountain
A View From Over The Horns
By Paul Dockrey

The August run was a milestone for me in a couple of ways. It marks the longest that I have been with out a running jeep and was the first time I rode with Roger Barton. It is only the second time I rode with someone on a jeep run. The first time I rode with Gerrett in his XJ. It was an experience. It's amazing how our personalities complimented each others trail experience. When we would come to an extreme obstacle Gerrett would say "What do you think?" I'd say, "You can do it." He would respond, "I have to drive this thing home." I'd say "Go for it." And he would. The day only cost Gerrett an outside mirror. A small price to pay for so much fun.

Riding with Roger was a lot of fun. It was the first Wrangler experience for me and I have to thank Roger for such a good time. We began our day in the parking lot; there we rallied two groups with a total of 17 jeeps. We headed off to run some new trails and some old ones as well. We had some new people with us. Jeremy C. came in his Blue TJ, Frank "Oil Pan" C. came with his TJ, Scott H. with his 87 Woody XJ and Mike L. in his nicely equipped Green Submarine TJ. There were a lot of challenges. There was also some trail carnage. Most of it was minor. But whether newbie or experienced wheeler trail carnage happens. Frank "Oil Pan" tore a hole in his; you guessed it, oil pan. Rich Banfield had a motor mount fail and it put a hole in his oil filter. This was only after he blew out one front brake line and the rear main brake line, leaving him with only one braking wheel. One's enough, right Rich. Both got towed home, Frank thanks to AAA and Rich by Paul's Suburban Towing. (Thanks to Gerrett and Paul for all towing help RB)

Aside from the minor problems it seemed that all had a good time. I took quite a few pictures which was cool for me as I usually am driving. I really enjoyed Riding with Roger. I liked his steer horns on his YJ so much I have been trying to fins some for my Suburban. The view is much better from over the horns. Hope to see you all at the next run and I hope to have the new transmission in my Willys by then. God I'm having flat fender withdrawals!

Side notes: Roger and Rich went back to woodpecker Mt. Finished the run. And scouted more trails for us. Thanks to Jereme who filmed the Jeep run for cable 8 in Bellingham Ma he will have some tapes made and will have them on the next Jeep run.

Thanks to all who showed up .The Willys Brothers! Paul D. riding shotgun with Roger B. Black YJ,
Nick W. Yellow Willys Brandon B., Renee and John R. Grey XJ,
Tom and Michelle B. Red, CJ7; ,
Dan and Deb D. Green TJ,
John S. Green TJ,
Ken C. teal YJ ,
Jereme C. Blue TJ,
Mike "scuba" L. Green TJ,
Dennis and Linda B. White TJ,
Jim H. Red YJ,
Gerrett and Mary D. Red XJ,
Frank C. Gold TJ ,
Scott "woody" H. XJ,
Russ D. Yellow CJ7,
Mark S. Blue YJ,
Bill H. and Rich Banfield Blue CJ7.

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