Trip Report: Cartoon Land Pre Run
I decided to do a snow run in December in co-junction with a prerun. I sent an E-mail out looking for people who wanted to go Jeep'ní and had winches.

I had not been on these old roads in ten years, and was wondering if these old roads were still be passable? The building craze in England is just that. Crazy! ! They are building houses everywhere and anywhere! For all we knew there were houses on these roads and they were now paved! Mike and I were talking on the CB and a group of Jeepers heard us talking about the Beacon. "We were thinking of going there they said". My comment back was I hope you guys have winches and a lot of time, it's too dangerous to climb a mountain trail like that in the winter.

They ended up going to a trail I found a along time ago. It's nice to run a trail you like but how about trying something new? Then come up with a code name for this NEW place so when you do a write the whole world is not there next weekend. These roads that we were about to run we would later call "Cartoon land". Mike and I waited to see if anyone else was going to show from our e-mails messages. No, it was just going to be us, and that was good because you don't want too many Jeeps when you are exploring. It's hard, if you have to turn around a dozen Jeeps because of some unforeseen reason. The first old road we came to had a small washout right at the beginning. I locked my hubs and shifted into low range and crawled on. Mike was behind me. It's cool to see the old stonewalls that line the old roads. This is an old town road, not an old county road because of the width of the road. A county road is much wider. We were mostly driving on about an inch or two of snow and some splattering here and there of ice.

One of the side roads was abandoned and blocked off by a private landowner with a chain link fence. After driving for some more time, we were off to the next road. Mike was now up front when we came across our next old road. The way the town plowed the road pushed the snow out of their way, but in our way. Mike started up and over the snow bank and got hung up, I strapped him back and then he gave it another try, this time he made it. I climbed up and over right behind him. We had a little more snow cover on this road. I told Mike about the time I pulled a junk car out of this road the last time I had driven it. It wasn't long after I said that. Mike spotted part of an old junk car and further down the road. We would find a white Subaru on its roof.

We were having no problem driving these roads only braking though some ice here and there. We turned on to "Tin can ally" where we stopped for lunch by the river. After Lunch we crossed the river and took a right turn this would bring us to a Jeep road that I had not been on, we drove down it a couple of miles before coming to a gate. We would have to turn around and double back. Now we were back to the cross roads, and climbing up a rocky washed out section of road. We had to stop, cut and remove branches from a fallen tree that was across the road. We then continued on and back to the main dirt road. We had a great time in cartoon land!

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