Trip Report: Mabell/Rollercoaster Trails
A few people camped out Friday night 10 Jeeps met at the parking lot. I was Our Trip leader for The Mabell Trail. After a brief drivers meeting, and sale of the NEW Patriot clothing we were off. I lead the way in my Blue CJ 7, and as we came up to the trail head we were met by John Barnes, (that's 11 Jeeps) John and I go way back with The New England 4 Wheelers. We were later met by Bill Barnes (no relation) Bill was VP when I was President of NE4WI and later became President. Thatís 12 Jeeps "5 Oíclock Brain" Roosevelt had to take family to the airport , but he still wanted to come Jeepin' with us. That's 13 Jeeps!. Bill Barnes took us all To the Rollercoaster trail.

Mark S. and Russ D. were over at Tomís trail by mistake and both had trouble with there Jeeps. Russ got a hold of us ( Tom, Dan, John, Brain , Rich K. and myself went to help them.) A big thanks to John B. for his winching efforts.

Trip Report: Wild west/ Tree in the Rock Trail

Sunday was Mother's day and we had a small turn out. Only 5 Jeeps. We ran a part of the Wild West trail that started off mild and then we made a turn and then it got harder, very muddy and a beaver dam took out a section of trail that we were hoping to run. A few people had to leave while the rest of us checked out a new section of trail called the "Tree in the rock trail" This is a great new section of trail up and around and over the mountain. Later we stopped for lunch at a great overlook on top of the mountain. We found some great new sections in the local area. I'll take you there next time.

Rich Banfield

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