Trip Report: Candyland
Well we had our first Jeep run of 2003, and 9 Jeeps showed up to play in this winter snow. Did you think we had enough snow this year plus we got 2-4 more inches on top of that on March 13! We met near the entrance to Candyland. We were not alone. (See Paul's Story) It was time to get on the Candyland trail. I rounded the 9 Jeeps up, asked Paul to be up front because his Willys was the lightest Jeep and may not sink as much in the snow.

We headed down the road to where the road where the pavement ended. I have to thank Rich and Sandy here, because they took a look at the road the day before and he plowed a large snow bank out of the way for us. When he got stuck with his truck Sandy pulled him back. Ed and his TJ also checked the road shortly after that and told us about possible deep snow.

The trail was packed down and we clawed our way up and down the trail. We made it to the other end without a problem. We then turned around and headed back to where the power line crossed the trail. I headed in with my CJ, got a few hundred feet and sank. Paul took the other side and made it after several attempts.

It was not easy. We shoveled a couple of the Jeeps out and everyone made it to the next hill. Paul and his Willys are now back out front trying the next obstacle a snow covered hill. No luck. So out came the winch. He hooked on to a big rock sticking out of the snow. I tried the other route with no luck. The snow was one to three feet deep. Because it had been warm the snow was all slushy and our tires easily dug in. Paul winched to the top and then we decided to call it a day.

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