Trip Report: Post Turkey Day 2003
It’s been 15 years since I attended my first 4 wheel drive rally in Massachusetts. The year was 1988 and I was attending The New England Suzuki owners First Annual Post Turkey Day run. No I never owned a Suzuki Samurai, but they did let me join with an 87 Jeep Wrangler! I was just starting to put together a 4Wheel drive club called The New England 4 Wheelers. There was a few Suzuki clubs in the area, but I was looking for a Jeep club. The Samurai fad would fade out fast. The Following year NE4W would continue to use that name for there event and I also would go on to use the name for the first few Baystate Jeepers events and now Patriot Jeepers.

I liked the idea of Jeepin’ the first Saturday after Thanksgiving for the following reasons. On Thursday you see family and stuff your face, Friday your family may still be around and you are still stuffing your face, by Saturday you are ready to get out of the house and go Jeepin’. So now you know the history of why we run our Post Turkey day run. This year 21 Jeeps met at our prearranged parking lot. Nick was selling Patriot Jeepers baseball hats For $12, I picked up mine, did you get yours? We had a quick drivers meeting and then we split into two groups. Bill Barnes took half and was on his way. I lead the other half and we were on our way to Mica Mt.

Bills group took the high road and my group took the low road. My group drove down the dirt road and then shifted into 4wd. We took our first right and made our way through the woods around a corner and took a left over a culvert type bridge. Then we took a sharp right up a steep gravel road, up and up passed an eagles eye view on the pond below. It wasn’t long before we had Bills group in sight, on top of Mica Mt. We waited for them to come down and that’s when Bill told me about the deep-water crossing they encountered on his way in.

I lead some of the group up and over the slick rocks to the top, others took the steep hill climb on the other side, and a few needed a tow strap to make it all the way. Now that we were all on top, we took in the 360 mountain top view. It was very windy and cold so we waited to have lunch. On our way back down the mountain we took a left then a right at a section I call the wedge of cheese, this is how I know to make the right turn. Now I was on the CB telling the new people to watch the boulders in the road. This reminds me on pinball hill. You get the picture.

Now we had to cross though the deep water it was over some bumpers and up to some of our parking lights. But we all made it. The Willys Jeeps took on a little water, thru the body panel side holes. We found a good spot to stop for lunch so we took a break to eat our Turkey sandwiches. After lunch we packed up our stuff and then we started seeing some snow flurries. I guess we finished just in time and were now back on the road. We headed over to more old roads in the local area.

We spotted Bills group again, off in the distance. His group was coming behind us and they were going the do the same. Our group headed up a semi washed out section of an old road. I pointed my Jeep up the steep Slick rock, and drove straight for the sky. What a rush, always a big trill for the group. We continued on up to the top of the road, where we said goodbye to a few people who had to leave. We then headed for a gravel hill climb that Bills group was just coming down. We waited for them to pass and I started up the hill.

It was time for a few more People to head home. Our group was shrinking! I took the remaining Jeeps up the first gravel hill and then told them about what was head, a steeper gravel hill were traction is key to making it to the top. Everyone did great with a little guidance. And then we were on to the next hard packed gravel hill up on hill and down the next. This was great, we crossed a main dirt road and continued on we knew we were going to run out of light soon so we stated heading back. I some how managed to lose my fan belt, I looked in the back

of my Jeep, but did not have a spare. So Nick towed me to a safe spot, said our goodbyes, Dan and I went to the auto parts store to get a belt. And I was back on the road. Thanks to all who helped out, someday that could be you. This is why we travel in a club never go alone! Great run See you next year.

Thanks to all who showed up 21 Jeeps
Paul Dockrey Blue Willys,
Bill Barnes Rubicon TJ,
Mark Strohl, Blue YJ,
Nick Warchol Yellow Willys,
Jim Higgins Red YJ,
Brandon Bond, Grey XJ,
Roger Barton Black YJ,
Snorkel Mike Luzzo Green TJ,
Ken Cook & Family Teal YJ
Jerome Copper Blue TJ,
Steve Lemmo Silver XJ,
Dan Donavan Green TJ,
Russ Durling Yellow CJ7,
Mark St. Laurant & Family CJ5,
Eric Desrosiers & famliy Blue TJ,
Jim Westcott TJ,
Brian Rosevelt CJ7,
Ben Searles Black CJ7,
Brad & Betsy Phipps Rubicon TJ,
Mick Malek Yellow Rubicon TJ,
Rich Banfield Blue CJ7.

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