Trip Report: Old Florida Road Revisited
Everyone has heard of the famous Rubicon Trail in California! Well if you go Jeepin' in the North East you must have heard about Old Florida Road. Old Florida was laid out in 1833 as a county road. Then in 1973 the top half was discontinued for maintenance by the town. It has become one of the best Jeep/4WD roads in New England. With 19 Jeeps, we split into two groups. I lead the first group and Mark lead the second. This Rocky road took us up and over a mountain. Over two tough rock sections of rock steps that some needed help to get over.

Everyone was doing great, and we stopped for lunch at the slick rock lunch spot. After lunch we continued on, crossed a small brook and exited onto the main dirt road. We headed over to the ice-cream trail. Now I was leading the second group and Tom was leading the first. After finishing the Ice-cream Trail, what else would we do but eat Ice-cream. Hence the name of the trail.

Sundays Jeep run Pea soup/The big view

We had 9 Jeeps in our convoy. We headed down an old road that a micro burst touched down on a few years ago. Ripping up trees in it's path. The trees were cleared years ago but you can still see the mess it made. We drove past a water fall at a bend in the road and then we went over to the big view. We headed up another old road And up some more rock steps ,then around the bend of the mountain. and still we drove up and up over more rocks, up and up we went. Then we turned on to a mountain road that took us to the top for lunch but it was not a site seeing day it looked like pea soup.

One more for the road? Old Rusted truck trail?:

As I was heading home with Mike following me, I had a idea. I have not run this road in 5 years I wondered if it was still there?. So Mike and I looked around and we had to double back, but we found it. This old road had a great hill climb next to a rocky brook on the right side. The first challenge was to squeeze between to large boulders while you were going up hill. We both made it and continued on the road Then we ran into a fallen tree. Mike used his new winch and snatch block to pull the fallen tree off to the side and out of the way. This was a short trip but a nice hill climb. Thanks to Mike for coming with me to check it out.

Thanks to all who showed up (19 Jeeps)
The Willys Brothers! Paul D.(Blue Willys)
Nick W. (Yellow Willys)
and there lost Brother Kevin E. and his wife Kim (Red Willys)
Tom B.(Red CJ7)
"Comedian" Brain R.(CJ7)
"Rubicon Joe" M.(Rubicon TJ)
Ken C. and famliy (Teal YJ)
Eric D. and family (Blue TJ)
Mark S.(Blue YJ)
"The English guy" Roger B. (Black YJ)
Jerome C.r (Blue TJ)
Snorkel Mike L.(Green TJ)
Scott "Woody" H. (Woody XJ)
Gerrett D.(Red XJ)
Scott S.(Blue TJ)
John S.(Green TJ)
Rich &Sandy (Blue XJ)
And last but not least and I Rich Banfield (Blue CJ7)

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