Trip Report: Bunny Trail

Ah the day before the Easter Bunny comes to your house, and brings your kids candy, enough so that they are bouncing off the walls and won’t go to sleep that night. See what we have to look forward too. The sun was shining, the weather was nice, and we had 10 Jeeps show up in the parking lot. A small turnout but it was the day before Easter! Bill Barnes led the group, he knows the place better then I do. "Here comes Bill Barnes and his Rubicon Jeepin’ down the Bunny Trail hippy hoppy Easters on it’s way". No joke Bill was singing that on the trail, Hey Bill are you going to try out for American idol? .

We headed down the road and we could see some remains on snow and ice in the woods. Parts on the road were still mushy do to the recent rains. Further down we stopped and got out to look at an old cemetery, commenting on the dates on the stones. Then we looked at some old foundations near bye. Now it was on the lunch spot near a small brook. What a nice place to have lunch. Bill Barnes was the first to try to drive up the hill. Then Tom and his CJ7, then Sharon in her TJ, and Nick in his Willy’s. It’s a Tough hill when it’s wet their tires looked like cartoon tires someone said. They were caked with clay/mud.

After Lunch we made a nice Loop and doubled back, where we took a break and played on a side trail. After we drove up a long Steep hill and down the other side. We came across a fallen tree blocking the road. Nick got out his chainsaw and made two cuts and we moved it to the side and placed it in a rut, then I guided Bill up on it. Later we passed a rusted out old Ford pickup truck.

The group stopped and got out to take a look at the old truck. Check out the number of leaf springs on the back on the truck, it must have hauled some heavy loads in its hay day. Nick was having some problems with his brakes so he was done for the day, he had to drive a short distance back to his Grand Cherokee to hook it up to tow it back home. Other people including Bill wanted to head out. I was willing to lead the rest on some more old roads if Roger was going to stay. And he said he would. So we thanked Bill and said goodbye to the rest.

Part 2 Rich and Roger lead the way to the "seaweed Trail"

Most of the group had to head home, but I always say the Jeep run does not end until Rich says so. LOL That’s when we find the good stuff! Roger, Tom, Sharon, Ben and I with Topo map in hand headed Back in on the forest roads. We found there was still ice in the woods when we came down a steep hill. I said on the CB, back it down people and keep some distance between the Jeeps. Don’t hit the brakes, or you will slide. Everyone did great. We took a side road that we had not done before, a nice loop with a cool hill climb.

Then I said “Hey lets take this side trail/road”. Oh look it’s flooded, the water looks deep? Who wants to go first? Any takers. “Tugboat” Tom steps up to the plate and goes first. (All 4 Jeeps had a 4” lift and 33” tires Ben also had a 2” body lift.) The bottom is hard, and Tom has traction, but the water is deep. From the rest of our viewpoint we could see Tom’s exhaust pipe is under water and his spare tire is in the water, he sounds like a Tugboat all right. Tom’s on dry land and waving us to follow him. “Rowboat” Roger and I were next, we headed in and we could feel the water hitting the YJ’s floor boards. Man that’s deep.

Next was “Speedboat” Sharon, she was making a big wave in front of her Jeep and at one point lost site of her Jeeps headlights! “Bathtub” Ben (No relation to Bathtub Lou) was the last to go, he has a fiberglass body with that 2” body lift. The water was still covering his marker lights! After we saw the seaweed we had under our Jeeps we named this the Seaweed trail. Now we continued on up a hill and wondered if we could get out this road? Would we have to turn back? There was a fallen tree blocking the road.

We stopped the Jeeps and got out the hand saws. We cut all the way through the fallen tree and had Tom drive over it. Then he hooked on a tow strap and pulled on the tree. He broke the rest of it and
pulled it out of the way. We all got in our Jeeps and headed out of the dirt road and back on pavement. Out trip was know over and we said our good byes.

This was a great Jeep run. I’d like to Thank the Following People.
Sandy M., Bill Barnes, Nikki B., and Jereme C.. I’d also like to thank myself
Rich Banfield and everyone else who showed up to make this Jeep run.

Roger Black YJ
Bill Barnes Rubicon
Ben Black CJ7
Sharon Silver TJ
Jereme Blue TJ
Ken C. Teal YJ
Nick W. Yellow Willys
Tom Red CJ7
Dan and Deb Green TJ
Dennis White TJ
Rich Banfield

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