Trip Report: The Gutter
The day started off cool but turned out to be a beautiful day for Jeepin'. We met at the meeting spot and when it came time to hit the trail we had accumulated 23 Jeeps. (I believe that is a club record for member turnout) This was the first time in a long time that Rich was not able to attend the run because he had to work.

Considering the size of the group we moved ahead at a good clip. Roger kept reinforcing his motto of "If you can see the Jeep ahead of you and behind you, keep moving!" Once we made it to the famous "Lunchbreak Rock" we stopped to eat and mingle.

Once we were moving a stranger in a Blue  CJ7 and a guy in a Rubicon met up with the group. It was Rich and Bill fresh from work. Roger continued to lead the group through the "Gutter" until we made it to the end. Some said thier goodbyes while others listened to thier stomachs and went to get some icecream. (Its not a Patriot Jeepers event without icecream)

After icecream a small group continued on with some more Jeepin', this time Rich was leading the way. This group was going to attempt a small trail called the "Muddy Sneaker", a steep, slick hill that proved to be quite difficult to maneuver. After a lot of winching most of the group made it to the end of the trail while others headed home before the rain hit.

Thanks to Roger and his Black YJ for leading this great run, and to everyone who showed up. A thanks also goes out to Rich for putting in extra time to make sure we would have a run to go to.

-Brandon B.
Greyish XJ

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