Trip Report: Juju Mt (Two Groups)

Group 1 pulled out of the parking lot, and turned
off the main road on to the steep dirt road that leads us up to Juju Mt. Group 2 headed
to area 51. Our first obstacles were covered with a little bit of snow! After clearing the
first obstacle we continued driving up the washed out section of a old gravel road.
With slick rock to our left we headed up the old road. The road had about 2-4 inches
of snow on it which was a little slick. Most jeeps had to back up at least once. We were
doing fine and all got up to the intersection. We unlocked our hubs and headed off to
Area 51. Group 2 had already left so we had the Mt to ourselves.

We headed up to the top and had lunch. After Lunch we came down And headed back
to Juju Mt to met up with group 2 near the top of the Hill. Next we took the Jeep trail
around the water hole, up the slick hill, then back to the powerlines. Some people said
good bye and what jeeps were left went up a tough hill, and back to the main road.

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