Trip Report: Tom's Trail Saturday (13 Jeeps) then Beaver bridge trail (6 Jeeps)
Wild West on Sunday. (5 Jeeps)

Once again the XJ Cherokee's stayed at home! All but Paul D.'s Silver XJ made this
Jeep runand he towed up his Blue Willys and was going to run that, but I think the
rain got to it, so it stayed back at camp.

Tom B. led the group of Jeeps up Tom's trail. Gee I wonder how the trail got it's
name? First we went to the "top of the world" an awesome Mountaintop overlook.
Just then I heard Bob C. on the CB. He had heard us on the radio, having come
early to the meeting spot and missed us. He was heading back to the highway when
he heard us on his CB. After hooking up with Bob "The Patriot Website guy" We
drove off the peak and down to the main trail. Tom led us through the puddles that the
rain had made and the deep water holes that the rain made deeper! We came across
a mud hole to the right some had to try driving through it. Some got stuck and some
did not and Tom used his winch to pull them out.

Russ and Adam had bikini tops on, Guys it's Oct and Raining! That's diehard Jeepin'
for ya! I like my hard top thank you. Russ was having a bad day and had to deal with
a power steering problem. So we stopped and ate our lunch. After lunch we headed
up to a tower "via" a slick rock hill. Straight up, and all you can see is sky! I was the first
up, what a rush. After some hesitation by some people, we all made it up the rock. Tom
lead the group down to the street and back to camp. Only a few Jeep left at this point!
So we never did Mabell. We went to the Wild West trail. I lead the small group over
the rocky roads in the area. We tried an old road but after a mile or so we had to turn
around and it was getting dark.

Wild West trail:

Sunday morning we woke to wet conditions, had our breakfast and started packing up
our gear. We went out with 4 Jeeps to the Wild West trail. I took the group down a
dead end road, sure it is, that's what they say, and want you to believe. But it's not true.
We stopped to lock it into 4WD LOW. Tom B's red CJ7, Paul D's Blue Willys, Dan and
Deb's Green TJ and my Blue CJ7 up front. Tom and I had checked out some of this trail
Friday so today we were exploring more. We indeed found some good stuff on these old
roads you will have to come Jeepin' with us to see for yourself.

Rich Banfield

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