Trip Report: Ice-cream & Orange Juice (14 Jeeps) Big view and Mt. (6 Jeeps)

Roger B. led the group up the Ice-cream trail, and we had lunch at the overlook
tower. I lead the group down the street and onto Orange Juice Rd. I asked John
S. to lead, seeing he had lockers front and rear because I just got my blue CJ7
back on the road, and I wanted to take it easy. Orange Juice Road is an old
road and is still on the maps, but you will not want to take your car up it, the
rocks will get you! Plenty of rock filled section's of road that takes you through a
4 mile section of woods. Orange Juice Rd has it's fill of rock ledges and
boulders to climb over. Towards the end of the road we ran into Dave Brill and
his Eastern 4 Wheelers, Dave started the club, around the same time I started
New England 4 Wheelers, Inc.

We stop our Jeeps to look at a full-size Ford Bronco stuck in a big mud hole
It took some time to get him out. Then just when you think we can get ready to
go the last guy in his group takes his Toyota into the same mud hole. Bad
move. Now we have to wait for him to be pulled out. The other club had to drive
back to CT and was not happy! John S. pulls the guy out and the guy never
thanks him. Well we thank you John, we were able to finish driving the road and
later said goodbye to those who were going home, while the rest of us went back
to camp.

Big view/ Mt roads:

Sunday morning we woke to a little rain, ate our breakfast and started packing
up our gear. We went out with 6 Jeeps to the Big view, a slick rock Mt top with a
cool Mt top view. The Patriotic Jeeps were up front, Tom B's red CJ7, Cleveland
K's white CJ7 and my reborn Blue CJ7. Along with the Barton's YJ, Brandon's
XJ and Dan and Deb's TJ. We had a great time, stopping for lunch at the (not
much of a) waterfall.

Rich Banfield

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